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My professional history starts when I was young, bringing marketing and communication to business in the early 1980s.

In 1990, I started my first advertising agency by launching many successful companies like Sport’85 and Banca Popolare del Lazio.

In 1996, taking advantage of these experiences, I expanded the areas of competence of my agency bringing it to be one of the most requested in communication and promotion for Malls and Retail.

Another great opportunity for success, was the Parmalat project: Panna Chef. We planned cooking classes on weekends with a huge influx of customers. The tour lasted 50 weekends, we went all around Italy for about two years.

With our client Sermetra, whom I followed for years, I created a wide-ranging strategy. It started with training courses in sales and communication for the owners of the Italian agency network. We built a branding strategy, up to a stand with contest at the Bologna Motor Show in 1997.

I contributed to spreading the contest events in the Italian retailing system, organizing dozens of projects from the final drawing, the collection and the scratch & win. With my work group we were the forerunners in proposing the one2one marketing systems with a database for customer profiling and reading feedback data.

I was the contact person for the GS Continent chain — later to become Carrefour — for the Nielsen 3 area. Later with my agency we designed and built promotional products flyers for contests, from collections to fidelity actions, from POP materials to billboards, from press spaces on newspapers and magazine, and advertising that could be spread through the traditional media of the 90s, such as radio, newspapers, outdoor billboards and TV.

In 2004 for Carrefour I also managed the launch of the Tor Vergata Shopping Center, an incredibly unique experience which was followed by collaborations with numerous shopping centers in Italy with my communications agency.

In 2009, I created and coordinated the first ever campaign in Italy for a Shopping Center, which combined a “teaser” action with the storytelling: Ciao Nina. It was a love story between a saleswoman of the shopping center and a boy. The La Romanina Shopping Center in Rome, who commissioned the action, was then renovated and relaunched and it is still a great success today.

With the new millennium, I promoted the important experience of designing and following for some years, on behalf of the National Consortium of Popular Banks, a specific banking product for the freelance world: ContoPro. The product was marketed by over 15 Italian popular banks.

Working with Banca Popolare del Lazio, we were the first in Italy to create a loyalty program. With a bonus collection plus a final drawing of the main prizes, which allowed the bank’s customers to collect points based on the purchase of banking products and insurance and with the handling of ATMs and credit cards. The Operation Energy project has been continuously organized by the BP Lazio for over 10 years.

From 2008 onward, the great transformation of the media, with the increasingly use of the internet and the use of information technology for database management in one2one connected marketing, we have supported our customers in reducing the “digital divide” towards the online presence of their Italian brand/company.

Today, with my staff, we are dedicated above all to spreading multi-channel strategies focused on the consumer’s needs /desires, which are constantly monitored to achieve optimization of results based on investments (ROI), and a presence on the market with appreciable performances.

My company has evolved over the years from an advertising agency to a communication agency to date as a marketing agency.

My goal over the years has remained the same: helping the commercial companies to increase their presence on the market with marketing strategies.


American Express
Birra Peroni – Nastro Azzurro
Risparmio Casa
Carrefour Italia
Sisa Supermercati
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Midiri Tessuti
Damiani Costruzioni
Latina Ambiente
Luna Serrande
Antica Norba
SILP Cucine
ACI Informatica
… and many others.

Banca Popolare del Lazio
CoBaPo Consorzio Banche Popolari
Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna
Banca Antonveneta
Banca Popolare di Vignola
Banca Popolare di Sassari
Banca Popolare San Felice sul Panaro
Banca Popolare del Materano
Banca Popolare Valconca
Banca Popolare di Ravenna
Banca Popolare di Marostica
Banca Popolare di Crotone

… e nei centri commerciali:
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… and many others.

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